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Kayla Stephens

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What do you think is better? Small or Big government? Well in my opinion I think small would be good but in this case both would work. So big and small governments both have there ups and downs but look on the bright side, both of them have way to help the people, to take charge and they both have a good plan depending on the leader.

Small gov: With smaller governments there would be less foreign wars, More localize government which can respond better to the local people of the area, Lower crime rates, better environment around us. So with all of that that’s are ready half of the problems gone, a better environment for the people and for animals or whatever, there’s less taxes because it’s not a big area and so on Power has a corrupting influence on the people who use it.BAD STARTS HERE  What’s not good about having the smaller government is “If it ever came down to it there wouldn’t be enough people for war, Decision making is slower, Less basic freedoms, Higher violence trying to gain and keep power and that’s all something that can make this who small gov thing to start crashing down or it can make the whole system fail

Big Gov: But for Larger gov you have more control of keeping order. Smaller governments maintain unhealthier governments, Bigger governments are of course bigger, so there’s more people to get stuff done to where they can get money to pay for all expenses. Bigger government there will be people there to help with any foreign attacks or what that may go one, they also will have to manage all the religions, charity, Family’s, hospitals and jobs etc and to be able to do that they have to be open about what the people want and im not exactly sure if they’re gonna do that  BAD STARTS HERE big government usually tends to get into the people lives as the government gets bigger everything else will be smaller ( Liberty, Individuality, goodness and human goodness)  

My opinion I think we shouldn’t be so focused on big or small gov I think we should be focused on how we can get our gov to be smarter and better. So for instance we wont want a huge or a small government we would want one in between so for instance we will have a government big enough to be able to go to war but small enough to where there would be less foreign. Then for the government there will be lower crime rates because there isn’t a lot of people but theirs still awful people to where there will be a jail made so people can have jobs. I think the the economy will be a lot better to where since theirs not a lot of people there wont be a lot of rules they will be pretty wealthy and since we’re an in between group we can do both good parts from both governments. So say they can have freedom of religion, speech and purity. Like that is something that comes along with there Government.


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