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Hurricane Michael

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Huge mess going on in panama city, Florida with the Hurricane Michael having emergency official rushed to evacuate at least 200 patients from a heavily damaged hospital. the storm caused a widespread damage. Authorities said at least 2 people were killed. The bay medical center sacred heart had windows shattered, walls stripped to their metal girders also damaging roofs and stripping off the outsides of some buildings. Signage was strewn in the streets. Doctors, nurses and staff members wandered outside, some crying, some looking for cell service. and new patients were showing up for treatment and the other hospital in panama coast regional Medical center was suspended of all services and was evacuating patients.Officials said that there was four hospitals and eleven nursing facilities were closed in Florida. And a nursing facilities in Georgia was closed. As of Thursday morning, 800,000 people lost power in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

The big problem with this hurricane was the huge power loss,President Trump said on Thursday, adding that we’ve not seen  destruction like that for a long time.damaging roofs and stripping off the outsides of some buildings. Bay medical hospital said in a statement that about 200 patients would be evacuated. Also 39 intensive care patients who were transferred first, And 1,500 people taken shelter in the hospital.

One if the Hurricane Micheal’s survivors said his city looks like atomic bomb hit. Florida’s Panhandle is one huge disaster zone after catastrophic winds. heavy rain and devastating storm surge. Micheal was one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to make landfall int the U.S. mainland. The storm all together blamed .to have killed 19 deaths. as of mid-afternoon Thursday, more than 687,000 homes and businesses in the Southeast had no electricity.  Michael was a tropical storm, hitting North Carolina and South Carolina with heavy downpours and threatening to cause tornadoes. CBS News weather producer said that Hurricane Michael had gained wind speeds of 55 mph in about a 30 hour time span before making landfall earlier Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph. 1,700 search-and-rescue personnel have checked 25,000 homes.  While the Air Force evacuated roughly 50 advanced F-22 stealth fighter jets ahead of Hurricane Michael making landfall, not all the jets were able to fly and some were left behind, officials told Fox News on Friday. It’s not immediately clear how many were left behind. With theses fighter jets being worth 143 million a piece, that is also going to cost us a lot from this high winded storm.

Patients have been evacuated from eight hospitals in the disaster zone as of Friday. . As of Sunday, at least 200,000 customers in Florida are still in the dark across 11 counties. About 4,000 members of Florida’s national guard have been called up to deal with the storm, including 500 added on Saturday. Nearly 2,000 law-enforcement officials have been sent into the Panhandle. Cellphone service also has been out across the state, making it difficult for people to contact friends or family members. That just so sad for all of this happening in the southeast though I pray that we come together and we get through the bad and find the good soon to fix this issue.


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