Project Grad

Sophie Bratton

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The purpose behind project grad is more than most would expect. They provide a safe environment for all seniors who want to participate. They start their work early on in the summer to get a jump on all they need to get done for our seniors!

Everyone involved is such a great help this includes all our great seniors as well as most of their parents who would like to contribute. This project is a group effort and everyone involved is incredibly gracious and incredibly helpful to the project itself.

Fundraisers consist of banners, selling a number of items including tea, chocolate milk and fatheads of our senior athletes! The money raised goes towards providing games, prizes, food, drinks as well as fun events!

This is all very healthy and helpful towards our graduates because it provides a fun safe place for seniors to go after graduation that at the same time acknowledges their success and rewards them for their hard work and dedication to their own education!