Sophie Bratton

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Hype is an excellent program to help both freshmen and seniors. This program consists of a great experience along side a good time with new and fun friends. Before this program, many incoming high school students have felt lost and intolerable while trying out the new process of high school. Most of those students had trouble finding classes, and felt intimidated by the upper class men.  In this program, the freshmen have the possibility to  conclude all of those tenacious problems.

The accomplishment for this program is for the actual hype members in other words, the seniors, to go around with a group of freshmen showing them the ropes and keep them from feeling left out. This remarkable arrangement engages the freshman individuals to get a better understanding and gives them the fulfilling opportunity to feel more comfortable in the high school environment.

In this program the seniors involved will attend a freshmen field trip and they will guide and lead them to having a good time and making them feel like a real high school student at our humbling school district. This not only benefits freshmen but seniors as well even more so then just a good time outside of school but it will also help on a college application.

You really begin to build a strong bond with the freshmen you are assigned. Not only are you a guide through high school but you are also a bit of a tutor and you’re job as an older role model senior to take care and help them keep their grades up for a stronger education in the future.