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Sports Media-Derrick Rose 50 point game.

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As you guys know Derrick Rose was a NBA MVP in the year 2011. Many people knew him for his explosiveness when taking it to the rim for a acrobatic lay-up of forceful dunk. He was what you would call the opposite of a late bloomer when he entered the NBA. That soon ended when Derrick suffered a bad knee injury that ended his season for the Chicago Bulls. But before all this, Derrick played at Simeon High School and was an amazing athlete and was named Mr. Basketball of Illinois. While he was in high school he had a media ban where the media cant ask him question until he reached a certain age posed by his high school, Rose told the tribune that the person who kept him motivated the most and who he admired the most was his mom, Brenda Rose. Rose went to college in Memphis and won 38 games in his games there but later on while he was in the NBA a person said something about how they think someone took his SAT for him so Memphis College had to scratch off all the wins they had when Derrick played for them. it got dropped pretty fast and people stopped asking him if he cheated in college. Later that year, The Chicago Bulls drafted him with the NO. 1 overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, they asked Rose if he thinks if he was going to feel any pressure playing at the big stage of basketball (NBA), Rose replied. ” Of course I’m going to have some pressure on me but, I’m used to playing in Chicago so I should be fine.” And Derrick Rose was right because excelled in the NBA becoming the Rookie of the Year receiving 111 out of 120 first place votes.  He joins Michael Jordan and Elton Brand as Bulls winners, saying: “I was telling all of you guys(reporters) that I didn’t really care, but … my biggest thing was to get this award.” Later the 2010 season Derrick became the first Chicago Bull to be selected as an All-Star since Michael Jordan. Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard fouled Derrick Rose hard on a layup. Derrick landed on his backside and hurt his right hip. But four days later, Rose had a good game in the All-Star Game, finishing with 8 points, 4 assists and 3 steals in 15 minutes. And then later that year the Chicago Bulls played the Orlando Magic again and Dwight once again made another hard foul on Derrick again and ended up Spraining Derricks left wrist and all he simply said was, ” I was just protecting the Magic’s basket.” After this injury Derrick had a bad history in the NBA of getting injured a lot and one playoff game with about 1:20 left in the 4th Quarter Derrick landed awkwardly on his leg after a hop-step, and…. tore his ACL. It was a tragedy for the Chicago Bull organization. Derrick had to have surgery to help his ACL heal and they ruled him out for the for the 2012-13 season. After Derricks comeback he went to the New York Knicks and then was traded to the Minnesota Timber Wolves and now is considered to be back in his prime with his recent 50 point game he a had scored against the Utah Jazz.

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