NHS Induction

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NHS Induction

Gracie Watkins, Author

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Last Monday 34 students were inducted to the National Honor Society. There were 5 senior, 4 juniors, and 25 sophomores.

Being accepted into National Honor Society is considered an honor by both students and parents. The GPA requirement to be selected into NHS is 3.25. Students must not have discipline issues, complete a Candidate Information Form of their leadership and service opportunities in HS, and have 3 faculty evaluations. NHS members are involved in both school and community projects. Each student is to participate in a minimum of 5 hours of service activities each semester. This must include 2 school related service hours per semester. Students are inducted after their freshmen year.

• Scholarship: Scholarship is a commitment to learning. Knowledge is a great element in life which leads to the highest success, and it can be acquired in only one way-through diligence and effort.
• Character: Character is the force within each individual that distinguishes that person from others. It defines each person as an individual.
• Leadership: Leadership should exert a wholesome influence on the school.
• Service: We are committed to the idea of volunteering our time and abilities to the creation of a better tomorrow.