I Pour Life

Kayla Minehart, Photographer

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Last year Reeds Spring High school partnered with I Pour Life, which is a youth support system.

Here are some questions that we asked Jeremy Rodriguez –

  1. How did you get into I Pour Life? – I moved back to the Springfield area and got in contact with Julia Higgins (founder), we knew each other from a youth group and our kids were in it back when I was in college. My background is in education, and Julia always thought I would be a good match for I Pour Life.
  2. How does this affect your day to day life? – It is a long drive here. It changes up my schedule but I love being able to come here, you guys don’t realize how amazing your school is. I have been to many schools but Reeds Spring is one of the most unique, and when they say Reeds Spring is a great place to work, great place to learn, they are so right. You guys have a very good opportunity here, and were making a difference together.
  3. how do you think this effects students day to day life? – Some kids that i’m working with more in depth, I feel like its giving them a better understanding of who they are and what they want to become. Kids that I don’t really work with I feel like its just good to be the positive influence no matter what. Giving high fives, fist bumps in the hallways, giving donuts and candy out to the kids just makes their day a little better. Like I said, I was a student at one point and high-school can be a quite a drag sometimes and very stressful. So even only being here one day a week if I can contribute in anyway to make a positive environment, that’s amazing to me.
  4. Who typically comes with you here? –  its for sure me, and sometimes ill bring other I Pour Life staff here, or other life coaches that are girls, to connect withe the other ladies, and of course i bond with the boys more. having them here lets us be able to reach everyone.
  5. How many kids are involved this year? – About 15, and were of course trying to get more but i personally couldn’t because there’s only so many hours in the day, but i’d love to grow.