Speech and Debate!

Jakin Seabert, Author

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The Reeds Spring High School hosted a Speech and Debate competition on Saturday, January 26th. Events included duets, poetry, storytelling, and many others.  There were seventeen schools, with a grand total of 228 entries! There were forty-one different rooms with about four judges in each room and about eight competitors per room. After three rounds, the top six to seven competitors in each event competed in the finals round for three judges and an audience. Overall the competition started about twenty minutes late and somehow still finished the awards ceremony originally before it was scheduled to begin.  The first school arrived at about 7:00 am. However, there where special accommodations for breakfast items such as, breakfast burritos, casserole, and drinks. After breakfast is when the competition started.  Later on, there were deli sandwiches, chips, and drinks.   You want to talk about planning! Ms. Pryor and Miss Polson worked and worked just to get this entire event set up. I would like to say thank you to all of the school and all of the students who participated, as well as the parents and anyone else who help set up and judge everything.