Should the Humane Society Lower Prices?

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How many Humane Societies are around you?

In the late 1800’s, several societies were made for the cruelty of animals, and abandonment throughout the United States. These organizations that were made, met great success throughout their existence. In 1877, 27 humane organizations from 10 states joined together in the first forum where they could combine their strength and unite their missions. It was at this meeting that American Humane was founded, and it immediately began to address one of its first tasks to put an end to the inhumane treatment of farm animals and the deplorable conditions in which they were kept.

Now they’re Humane Society’s all around the world, it’s to the point where all of the animals could possibly be in danger. The purpose of the humane society is to be enabled to take care of dogs that are mistreated and abandon but, now it’s to the point to where if they’re there long enough they will be put down. (taken from website)

Is There Anyway we Could Make This Stop?

Well, of course, there is! I think it’s to the point, if maybe we lowered adoption fees then maybe more people would take in animals. I mean think about it, these dogs/cats (or any other animal) Are priced to an extent of the amount of money. For saying like $100 for the fee along with any other natural things that come along with it, but really who is gonna pay $100 for an animal that doesn’t have a home or anyone to love? I mean I understand there needs to be a fee for all the work they’ve done to these animals along with making sure they get to a good home, but I’m saying maybe if they just lowered prices just a little bit, it wouldn’t need to get to the point where there are too many animals and they have to put down, but also more animals may get adopted with the reasonable prices.