Wonders of Wildlife Field Trip.

Zane Henry

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Dr. Smith and Mr. Horton took both Smith’s Bio 102 classes and Horton’s Stream team to an all-day field trip to Wonders of Wildlife. this was to look at all types of animals that the students have studied over the year. Both classes had free roam of the aquarium and taxidermy parts of W.o.W. with the exhibits having facts and pictures about the species this was a prime opportunity for the kids to learn even more about the animals they went over this year. The kids had the chance to see all types of live animals, such as fish, alligators, otters, and even go to touch some stingrays. when the kids got back from lunch at Chick Fil A they got the chance to go to the taxidermy exhibit. A guide said that over 95% of all animals shown have actual pelts. the other 5% were made so well by the artist that most people can’t see any differences between the real and fake. the students enjoyed the trip and there were no problems. Jenkins and Horton were ecstatic about the kids going and having a fun time while also being respectful of the rules like touching the exhibits and flash photography. the only thing both teachers wanted from the trip was more Behind the scenes stuff like how the tanks are kept and cleaned and how the animals are fed.: having another trip next year is almost guaranteed.