Rock of Ages

Jakin Seabert, Author

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The Reeds Spring High School is producing the musical Rock of Ages on March 7th- 9th at 7:00 pm the Reeds Spring Middle School. Ms. Polson along with cast and crew of the musical have put a lot of time and effort into making this possible. The play was created by Samuel French and preformed by the Reeds Spring students, for the purpose that the students have fun and hopefully bring more students into the program. In an interview with three main characters , Blake, Chase, and Nick, I first asked Blake if he was excited for the play. His response was,”I’m excited to be doing the Rock of Ages as my last play!” he also talked about how his favorite part of the whole thing is how he has made many friends because of the musical. Blake seems very happy in his role as Lonnie because it seems like a perfect fit . Chase stated that he loves to go on stage and be the center of attention. Nick said that he is nervous because he doesn’t want his voice to crack on stage. He also talked about how he wanted to be Sherrie, but he cannot because he is, in fact, not a female. Nick’s favorite part is that his outfit looks great on him.