Behind The Second Curtain

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Behind the cast and curtain is the crew. The crew are the people who you don’t see on stage, when the lights dim and brighten back up on a new set. Their main job is to move props on and off stage as quickly and smoothly as possible, and usually this is where people stop thinking about it. I am part of the crew of our school’s musical Rock Of Ages, and this is what I do as a part of crew.

The curtain; the curtain is a resilient and substantial piece of fabric that is as vigorous as small car. It is a tedious job to pull the curtain because with one slight pull in the wrong direction the curtain may be pulled of the rails and become stuck. Opening a curtain takes a good amount of strength, and on top of that ,the curtain is heavy so pulling it open fast it can result in the person being shoved with  great force.

The props are a very important  because they are supposed to be in place in a shorter time period than 15 secs and you must not be seen setting them on stage. You have to get the timing and the cues right so you can bring them at the right time, and you have to make sure you have the right props for each scene.

The costumes Not every stage hand helps with costumes, but I did; I was in charge of many quick changes for our leading lady, I helped her get changed in a short amount of time, I’d have her next outfit ready for her when she came  backstage, and I made sure she was always ready and good to go. That was my job on top of moving props and making sure the curtain didn’t crush our leader.

       These are just a few things that the crew handles , not to mention we have to carry extra batteries for mics and mic tape. We have to make sure no mics are broken or losing battery for the performances , and we make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible. The stage crew does a lot for the show and care about the cast because we have to take care of them , make sure that they have everything they need, and that they stay calm and can perform at their best for the show.