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Gracie Watkins

I was born in Sikston Missouri on June 5th 2001. I grew up in a house with a in ground pool, hot tub, and a sauna it’s whatever it was super cool. We moved to Reeds Spring because someone in my family found a new job. I don’t remember who though because I was like 5 or 6. When we moved here I started Kindergarten so it wasn’t scary since it was a new start for everyone. Now i’m a junior and I live in Kimberling City. I love the lake, every chance I get to go out on the boat,jet ski, or anything i’ll take it. I wake board occasionally. I’ve knee boarded before and go tubing a lot. I really like going out to eat. i’m pretty much never eating at home instead i waste all my money on Taco bell or other restaurants.  I’ve had a couple jobs. My first job was at Castle Rock as a lifeguard (one of my favorite jobs). The summer after that I life guarded at Still Waters, that was a super laid back job. This summer i trained as a lifeguard at stormy point but quit pretty early in the season because the manager was so mean and unfair to all the guards. Shortly after I got hired at American Eagle so i worked there for about 4 months. I ended up quitting there for the same reason because of the manager. Now I work at Francesca’s at the Landing and so far I love it, everyone there is super sweet. Traveling is something i’m always wanting to do. I’ve of course went to all the not as cool states like Arkansas and Oklahoma but recently this summer I went to the Bahamas. The way they live there is so much more different then the way we live in America. There’s such a high crime rate there that the person who checks out your things at convenience stores is behind glass. You hold your groceries up to the window and they scan the items through it. Same with fast food places, they’re behind bars. The water there was so pretty though, it was so clear you could see straight through it. I love trying new things so I decided to go parasailing with my cousins, it was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever done. Also weirdly I had never went snorkeling before so I did that and it was super pretty. I really like food, i’ll pretty much eat anything besides sushi and seafood. I have 2 dogs harlee and maggie and 2 cats cali and zoey. I love all animals especially dogs. When i’m older I want to be something in the medical field like a RN. I watch a lot of Netflix. My favorite shows are Greys Anatomy, Stranger Things, Shameless, New Girl, and The Office. I watched Pretty Little Liars but it wasn’t that good because it dragged on so much. My favorite season is Summer because you’re out of school and get to sleep in but I also really like fall. I used to play softball, volleyball, and basketball but I kinda just fell out of them after freshman year.

Gracie Watkins, Student Life Author

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